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There is no thought here.
No feeling.
No lie.

There is no desire here.
Only an aching,
To fly.

In the emptiness,
A reddish silence
Pounds in my head.

You said my love was cold,
We perished before we could unfold.

Note: Free verse


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This is free verse.

Consumed by desire ,
Perfectly incapable of stopping this fire.
Won’t you look me in the eye
As you hide your lie?

Don’t turn…
Don’t look away.
Let me touch one last time,
The softness of those perfect lips.
Glide my hand across your placid face,
Then close those pretty fingers
Around my neck.

A gentleness so profound,
My little prince
In you I found.

In your arms I find the hell that I need.
In your words I find the poison I need.
And only you can grant me release.

Oh did you know?
The first time you saw,
That I am radioactive.

I dwelled in apathy.
My chains you broke.
Never good enough I knew
Yet I flew.

Cruel man,
I cannot breathe without,
Turned me inside out.

I am a broken doll
Wrapped in red,
The red that you have bathed me in.

And I lay draped in night
And all my ruptured veins.


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Haven’t seen you in a while
We’ve walked for so many miles
I’ve been in pieces
As our love ceases
Bitter broken shards
Litter our front yard
Don’t you care
About the lipstick you smear?

Beneath your glorious mask
Is where our love would bask
Do you remember?
The heat of the glowing ember
The feel of my face
Your soft slow pace
The smell of your shirt
The rustle of my skirt
A small silent glide
Shattering our pride
Your head against mine
A moment so divine

I didn’t know then
What they called pain
I thought we would last
But you made me an outcast

I’ve been looking for you
You’ve found someone new
I’m a sorry mess
Formed from your distress

I’d let you smash me again
If you made me sane
And gave me all we had
All we had

You can have her boy
I could just be your toy
But you wouldn’t give me another glance
Let me live in this desired farce.

Everywhere I look
I find you in every nook
You keep getting under my skin
All I want is to be your sin.


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I want and I need
For you to soothe these burns
But you’re not here.
No you were long gone.

I miss the way
Your hand gripped mine,
The tingles in my tips they caused
And now I’m no longer fine.

Its a dark night
The lights have gone low,
Want your tongue to seal
This breathtaking appeal.

Your ghost lingers in these corners.
I close my eyes
And I can feel your touch
At the back of my mind.

Open and explore,
Feel the rush
You’ve got me in your hold
Quiet…we’re about to unfold.

Up in tangles,
Hands all over
Sheets astray.
Fireworks exploding in my head.

Violent you,
Broken me.
Stormy eyes.
Set us free.

Took my hand.
With shaky palms.
Drifted into allusive charm,
Overstepped all alarms.

That night
I’d seen through your core.
And you’d kissed my lips.
I had lived.

And then I woke,
Sweaty palms.
Empty bed.
Crumpled clothes.

They call me delusional.
Perhaps, I really have gone insane.
That’s what your touch did.
Lifted me off the ground
And made me crash,
Like the storm you were.

But I still can’t shake off
The feeling of your hands,
The places your mouth worshipped.

I am still trapped.
Release me.
But before you do,
Leave me breathless
One last time.

You left me here.
Crashed my high.
But baby I’m still addicted
To the beast you are inside.